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TravChat was founded in May 2015 by Australian-based Editor & Co-Founder of Thirty Summers Saxon. He started TravChat with the aim to create a Twitter chat that is suitable to travelers and adventures based in Australia and New Zealand, as up until then participating in a travel chat if you were from that part of the world meant pulling all nighters. Back then the chat was called #ANZtravelchat (Australia & New Zealand Travel Chat). Over time more and more people from all Europe and the United Kingdom started joining the weekly chat forming a global community.

With the start of the new year, Saxon gave the chat a re-brand and launched it under the name #TravChat. Short, snazzy and still the same great chat it was before. The growth of the chat also meant that it needed a regular Co-Host to help manage TravChat and this is where I come in. In March 2015 I joined TravChat as a regular Co-Host, an exciting role that I am very honored to have.

How TravChat works:

Every Wednesday you can join Saxon and myself on Twitter for the one hour travel chat. The topics change each week and may be supported by a subject expert or additional co-hosts. You can find the questions for the upcoming chat on this page or at Thirty Summers. Make sure to use the hashtag #TravChat to join the chat. You simply reply to each question as the chat goes on by using the hashtag and sharing your own personal experience. You’re more than welcome to share pictures and videos with your answers, we love to be inspired by your travels!

These are the times for the chat:

  • Sydney – 7:00pm (Wed)
  • Hong Kong – 5:00pm (Wed)  
  • London – 10:00am (Wed)
  • Berlin – 11:00am (Wed)

Come and join us for the next #TravChat and share your adventures with us!

This week on Travchat. Topic: Cool Smaller Cities



Q1 Share a smaller city that you think gets overshadowed by bigger cities in that country? What makes it great? 

Q2 What’s are some benefits of visiting a smaller city over a massive one? 

Q3 Tell us about a smaller city in your home country that we simply need to visit? Why do you love it? 

Q4 What’s the last smaller city you’ve visited? Got a pic from your stay! How was the experience 

Q5 Share 2 smaller cities with us. 1st – a city that is great for #solotravel & 2nd one best explored with loved ones/ friends #travchat

Q6 If you could explore 3 fantastic smaller cities in 2018 which ones would they be? #travchat