A Husky Adventure in Northern Norway Norway

While I was in Lapland in November, I made a lot of special memories, which I’m sure will stay with me for a lifetime.  A Husky adventure in the beautiful North of Norway was one of them. Dog sledding is an adventure that, no doubt can be found on most peoples bucket lists.  So it won’t come as a surprise that it has been something...

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Finnish Lapland – The perfect balance of nature and culture Finland

The plane was descending towards Ivalo airport and I suddenly felt ecstatic about the adventure ahead of me. I couldn’t quite believe that I had travelled 450km north of the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights and experience Lapland.  The view from the plane was incredible, nothing like I’d ever seen before. Half frozen rivers and lakes cutting through the vast landscape of the...

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Finland here I come: Preparation for the big adventure Finland

If you’re following me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you will have seen the big announcement already.  Just a little more than a week and I will be heading to Finland, further North than I have ever been before. So where am I going and what will I be doing? I’m travelling to the Utsjoki, the most Northern community in the Finnish part of Lapland...

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Botanical Gardens Berlin: A Summer Fairy Tail Germany

The Botanic Night is a summer festival at the Botanical Gardens in Berlin Dahlem. The event transformed the lush gardens into a fairy tail of lights, sound and taste on a warm summer night. The visitors were invited to taste, listen, see and feel their way around the globe as each part of the gardens was designed to represent a different continent. Every corner held...

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