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The second part of the Kayaking Around The World series is all about kayaking Europe. This time travel bloggers share their favourite kayaking spots & experiences all across Europe.

Whether you’re looking for an urban kayaking adventure by night or you want to get up close & personal with the breath-taking Norwegian fjords, we’ve got you covered! Just in time for the start of summer!

Dingle, Ireland by Dan Bagby from Honeymoon Always 

Kayaking Europe

When we planned on kayaking in Dingle, Ireland on a cloudy and chilly day, I worried we would be freezing and miserable the whole time. Not only were we warm in our wetsuits and jacket, but kayaking made for an amazing experience.

What makes this trip unique is going up to the cliffs and making our way through the caves and the passages ways that led to hidden coves.  The water was clear and we felt like explorers as we made our way through the rocks.  As we finished out the journey we backed into one of the caves, having a perfect view and timing to see the resident dolphin, Fungie, breaching in the water.


Seven Sisters County Park, England by Kathryn and Suzanne from Sussex Bloggers  

Kayaking Europe

One of the best locations for kayaking in the South East of England is on the stunning meanders of the Cuckmere River in the Seven Sisters Country Park. At Cuckmere Haven you can also head out into the open sea for spectacular views of the Seven Sisters white cliffs of Seaford Head.

To get to the park there are regular bus services from Eastbourne and Brighton. There is a car park off the coastal road between Seaford and Eastbourne, where you’ll find the public slipway next to Buzz Active and the Cuckmere Valley Canoe Club. They have sit on top kayaks and stand up paddle boards to rent at £10 per person per hour, including the use of safety equipment.

We went out with one of their instructors recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. There’s nothing more therapeutic then kayaking along the calm waters of the Cuckmere River with the rhythmic splashing of the oars and bird song as a sound track.


Geiranger, Norway by Enikő Krix from Travel Hacker Girl 

Kayaking Europe

I will never forget my kayaking experience in Norway. We started paddling from our campsite in Geiranger. Kayaking amongst fjords is a truly unique experience. We were surrounded by waterfalls, snow kept peaks and goats jumping on cliff edges. We were so mesmerized by the view, we took some time to realize a cruise ship was departing from the harbor. This made me paddle towards the shore in a pace that could have won me a golden medal. After the cruise ship past us, we had to tackle its waves, making this kayaking journey not only memorable for its gorgeous views, but its adventure as well.

The highlight was when we finally reached the Seven Sisters waterfalls. Being able to kayak right where the waterfall hits on the shore was an amazing experience. Look up from the bottom of the fall and you will remember that feeling for the rest of your life!


Riga, Latvia by Deah Hester from Palm Tree Musings

Last summer we visited Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania as part of our summer break. We loved walking around the old towns in all three countries. Riga offers a special way to view the old city-by kayak.  It is bordered on one side by the Daugava River, and then a small canal completely encircles the medieval old town. All the city’s bridges and fountains are lit up and it is a gorgeous way to spend a summer night.

Sunset wasn’t until 10 pm, which was the pick up time for the kayak tour. We met at St Peter’s Church. The guide picked us up, gave us a safety explanation, and then we were off kayaking under the Vansu Suspension bridge. The night was warm and the moon was beautiful as it rose over the river. Definitely a great way to see the sights and give your aching feet a rest- but be prepared for some sore arms the following day!


Provence, France by Allison Green from Eternal ArrivalKayaking Europe

Kayaking the Sorgue River in Provence is a once in a lifetime experience. A lush green jungle grows underneath the crystal clear water, making the water alternatingly bright green and deep turquoise. As beautiful as the water is – it’s freezing cold! Though in the hot Provencal summer sun, the occasional splash of cold water was welcomed. We stumbled across some donkeys munching on leaves on the side of the river bank, which only added to the magic of the experience. We finished off the day with a bottle of rosé — this is Provence, after all!


Kotor, Montenegro by Maria Berz from Global Brunch

Kayaking Europe

Kotor Bay has the perfect weather conditions for water sports pretty much all year round. The water in the bay is calm and clear: the perfect setting for a day of kayaking, even if you have no experience.

I chose to rent the kayak for an afternoon and explore the bay on by own. I was absolutely blown away by the scenery: crystal clear water, medieval architecture and those gorgeous hills.

Kotor Bay has some peaceful hidden beaches that you can stop at to have a swim, cool down in the shade or sit on the beach for a picnic with a view.

There are plenty of routes to choose from depending on your skill and fitness level.

Looking for more kayak adventures worldwide? Then head on over to Kayaking Around The World: North America!

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Kayaking Europe


  1. These places are absolutely beautiful! I wouldnt mind kayaking with that Norwegian backdrop. Just stunning scenery.

  2. We just kayaked the Santa Fe River in Florida- but I would love to try some of these places. Norway looks gorgeous & Ireland challenging! Love this round-up!

  3. Oh these look gorgeous! I love kayaking, it’s one of my favourite activity to do on the water! Glad I found this, I’m going on a trip to Europe in a couple of month and this is perfect!

  4. I would love to try some of these places, especially Geiranger with the breath-taking Norwegian fjords. I just explore the landscapes of the Loire Valley (France) and other rivers around with a kayak. It was already a beautiful experience !

  5. As a fellow kayaker, I have paddled much of the USA; yet, never abroad. This has given me some ideas to start planning some international trips revolving around kayaking.

  6. This makes me want to go kayaking as well! Next time I can contribute about kayaking in Lithuania – it is really not bad. And myself I would really like to try kayaking in Kotor bay once.

  7. I love kayaking, it’s such a great way to experience new places. The trip in Riga sounds so unique!

  8. I have never been kayaking but it looks like an amazing way to explore… especially to explore such exciting places as the ones featured in this article! Wow! They all sound so interesting and lovely.

  9. Thank you for this awesome post! Kayaking is so much fun and you get to see somany stunning landscapes while doing it.

  10. I was pleasantly surprised to read about my hometown Riga here on the list! I have never done kayaking here myself, but i live right next to St.Peter’s church, described in the post. Now I now it’s a meeting place for kayakers!

  11. What an absolutely awesome way to explore a place. Kind of like from the outside looking in. Provence must have been incredible. Think of all the amazing food you could try on the way! Thanks for sharing.

  12. These are some amazing places to kayak! I love water sports, especially when I get to explore new places. Just added a bunch of these to my bucket list.

  13. I love kayaking! There are a few places here I haven’t tried in Europe. It seems like almost everywhere there’s water is a kayaking spot now! My favourite was kayaking around islands in the north of Sweden last year. So peaceful and beautiful!

  14. This is so cool! I’m a rubbish kayaker but I really enjoy it when I do have the chance!

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