Happy Birthday: Global Brunch is Celebrating & You’re Invited Travel

Global Brunch is celebrating its second birthday! Two years ago, in spring 2015 I founded Global Brunch as an outlet to write about travel and culture. At the time I was producing and presenting my own local radio show in Leeds called Global Brunch. The idea behind the radio show was to introduce a new country to my listeners every week. So every Sunday I unleashed music, culture and recipes from around the world on to my listeners and I loved it. The preparation used to take me all Saturday. I researched, cooked up a storm and listened to heaps of international tunes and beats until the show was ready to go for the following day. Why am I telling you all this? Because that was the start of Global Brunch the blog and life as I know it today.

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What am I celebrating?

The last two years have been a whirlwind to say the least. In fact I can’t even believe it’s been two years. It still feels like yesterday when I was setting up the blog thinking about layout and themes to get Global Brunch on the road. But despite the lack of programming abilities I managed to set it all up and start sharing my adventures with all of you.

Since the beginning of Global Brunch I have not only had unforgettable experiences around the world, but I have left my expat life in the UK behind to quit my job (I know how cliché), moved back to my home country Germany which turned out to be an unexpected reverse culture shock (damn you Germany & your bureaucratic nightmare) and set myself up as a Freelance Writer & Digital Marketing Expert (yeah, that’s right – you can hire me to write for you & be your Social Media ninja!). None of this was smooth sailing, but things rarely are in life and I’m not complaining.

Thanks to all of you, who read, comment and share my love for travel Global Brunch has grown and flourished into something that I am incredibly proud of. Every time you guys reach out to me telling me that my stories and photos have inspired you to travel to a certain place or motivated you to get out there on your own, it makes all the hustle worth it.

Where is the party at?

Global Brunch is celebrating two years of travel, adventure, memorable highs and frustrating lows. How exactly am I planning to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Global Brunch? Simple, since this is a travel blog I figured an adventure would be much more suitable than a party, but that doesn’t mean you’re not invited.

What better way to celebrate than travelling to the place where it all began back in 2009? My very first solo travel destination. The first country I ever fell in love with. The magic land that made me realise that walking barefoot in a supermarket is perfectly expectable in some places. The legan…wait for it…dary: New Zealand.

Follow me over the next few weeks and let me show you just how beautiful and inspiring New Zealand is, even during off-season. This won’t by any means be a re-make of my 2009 backpacking trip. Instead I wanted to focus on an area that I haven’t been to yet: the North Island. 12 days of road tripping some of the most stunning natural and cultural sights that the North Island has to offer. Who’s in?

Is this party being live streamed?

Of course it is (if the New Zealand Internet connection is better than its reputation)! You can follow me on Instagram (the will be plenty to laugh about on Instagram stories I’m sure), Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you all for being a part of this amazing journey!



  1. Happy birthday GB! I’m so happy to hear you’re heading back to New Zealand. Drink a Monteith’s cider for me if you get the chance.

  2. Happy “birthday”/blogganiversary! Still wish you’d come spent it in Aussieland instead, but have a blast.

  3. Happy 2nd Birthday my Travchatting friend! Enjoy the land of the ‘Long White Cloud’. I don’t think any other country in the world can match it for diversity of beauty within such a small area.^

    Enjoy the fruit of your well earned labours!

    ^ Ok a lil biased I did grow up there 🙂

  4. Happy Blogversary!

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