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Global Brunch has only recently joined the huge community of travel blogs out there and while the blog might be what could be seen as a toddler among the more established travel blogs, Social Media certainly isn’t new to me.

I have been tweeting about travel related subjects from my personal twitter account for quite some time now, but I wanted to give Global Brunch its own social platform and voice. I already knew that Twitter has a very active community of travel bloggers, vloggers and tweeting adventurers, but I don’t think I quite realised how much fun it would be to dive right in there and get chatting about travel 24/7!

One of my favourite ways to interact with the travel community is through twitter chats. Most of you will probably already know what a twitter chat is and how they work, so I won’t go into too detail. A twitter chat is organised by one or multiple hosts and takes place at a specific time and day. Every chat usually has a certain overall topic (travel, adventure, culture) and a very specific subject that falls under the overall umbrella but changes every week. This would be sheer chaos if it wasn’t organised, which is why every participant is required to use a hashtag that symbolises that you are taking part in a particular travel chat. This way you can follow the conversation by tracking the hashtag in a separate newsfeed. Everything else is simple. The host will tweet a number of questions related to the subject throughout the chat and you answer by tweeting your reply and the hashtag of the chat. Don’t forget to include A followed by the number that signals which question you’re answering – if you’re answering the first question then your tweet should start with A1. That just makes it easier for everybody who’s following the chat as they can easily match Qs & As.

Once you know how a twitter chat works, you can choose any chat and participate. There are more than 60 travel-related twitter chats every week focusing on everything from adventure travel, over food to subjects like girls travel. I have put together a little overview with the help of Travelogx where I usually check the subjects and times of the upcoming chats.

All times below are displayed as CET.


5pm: The #TTAFChat is run by Judy (@foodsheblogged) and Jen (@yourwanderlust) who are based in Dubai. They are both very welcoming chat hosts and their chats are bound to leave you with an appetite for travel and global cuisine. Some of their past topics included street food, photography and friendship. Jay (@jay_eatz), an enthusiastic foodie from Ontario, Canada has recently joined the team as co-host.

7pm: #GirlsTravel is a weekly travel chat hosted by Wanderful (@sheswanderful), a community of female travelers who are focusing their chats around anything that relates to female travel. Having traveled solo in the past, I think this chat is particularly inspiring if you’re planning to explore the world on your own as it makes you feel part of this group of independent, strong and inspiring women!

7pm: #adventurechat is a fun 60min chat that does what it says on the tin. Host Monica (@monicagoesshow) is an avid hiker with a passion for jumping off buildings and other fun adventures. In the past #adventurechat has focused on water & holiday adventures, fears as well as long term adventures. So if you’re into activities that raise your pulse and increase your heart rate, make sure to join Monica!


#TravelTuesdays are great for twitter chats. The variety ranges from general travel chats like #ttot (Travel Talk on Twitter) and #RTWChat (Round the World Chat) to more niche conversations like the #CruiseChat.

7pm: #TRLT (60mins) – the road less traveled is one of the most popular Twitter travel chats out there. The chat was founded back in November 2013 by Shane (@TheTravelCamel) and Savannah (@Sihpromatum) as an outlet for travelers and adventures who like Shane and Savannah have a passion for destinations off the beaten path. The hosts and chat community are a welcoming bunch. Whether you’re already on the road less traveled or maybe just want to get some tips from experienced travelers, this will definitely be the place for you.

8.30pm: #RTWChat – hosted by @BootsnAll provides one hour of travel insight and inspiration for your next round the world trip. The topics they pick are always engaging and the amazing #RTWChat community has got interesting and hilarious stories to tell from their travels! The speed of this chat is just right to build up a conversation with fellow travelers whilst also sharing your own experience!


You have probably already noticed that there simply isn’t a bad day for a travel chat and Wednesdays are no different.

10am: #TravChat (formerly #ANZtravelchat) was established by host Saxon (@30_Summers) in May 2015 to create a travel chat for Australia & New Zealand. The chat grew incredibly quickly, but as most of the participants seemed to be from Asia and Europe, Saxon decided to change the name and re-launched the chat in January 2016 as #TravChat. This is my favourite Wednesday chat as it means getting up and starting the day with 60 minutes of travel inspiration from fellow travelers.

8pm: #ExpediaChat – hosted by (of course) @Expedia as well as two or three guest hosts. I like this chat because although it is an hour long, it never gets too hectic. The time between the questions allows you to engage with other travelers and really build up a meaningful conversation instead of just a quick comment here and there. The topics generally appeal to long and short-term travellers and holiday makers alike and hence attract a diverse and friendly community. The #ExpediaChat also tends to give away a trip, flight or holiday every week and let’s be honest what’s there not to like.


8:30pm: #CultureTrav – I love Thursdays! Not only does it mean that it’s almost the weekend, it also means that it’s time for #CultureTrav – my favourite travel chat of all. The chat is hosted by the lovely Nicolette (@Nicolette_O and Jess (@JLipowski), two very inspirational and lovely people who will make you feel right at home in the #CultureTrav community. If you have ever taken part in one of their chats you will know that they really know how to host a good chat. Clear and interesting questions, brilliant topics and they both really get involved. You can even check out the questions beforehand on their Facebook page and get involved with the #CultureTrav community throughout the week.


7pm: #JAChat –  The founder and host of this chat is Pola (@jettingaround) and if you’re a fan of Urban Travel, this will be the one for you! This 30 minute chat is packed with questions surrounding some of the greatest cities in the world and it’s lots of fun to get involved!

I would love to hear what your favourites are and whether you regularly participate in the same chats or join spontaneously.


  1. Twitter chats are such a great way to meet people, and often times online acquaintances become offline friends. Thanks for the mention. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the info. I am new to twitter and am trying to find my way. I also take part in the Wanderful Facebook page and attended the WITS15 conference. I did not know about these twitter chats, great info.

  3. globalbrunch Says: June 20, 2015 at 12:19 pm

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for the great feedback! I’m really glad you have found the post helpful! I know Twitter can be a little overwhelming at the beginning, but the travel community is a very welcoming one and I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂
    Happy travels!

  4. GlobalBrunch you are a gem! Most of the fun travel chats happen at the most inconvenient times for us here in Sri Lanka and its been such a difficult time to search for the best ones. Thanks to you, its all here on your post. Thanks a b(r)unch! 🙂

  5. you have to add #vastchat – we’ve been hosting Friday 11 am est twitter chat on travel for 2 years. We love @virtuoso active travel – and – the world is vast. @sheila_gh

  6. There’s #ParksChat every Thursday all day where folks share pics based on the topic.
    More at

    • globalbrunch Says: February 26, 2016 at 7:10 pm

      I’ve heard of #ParksChat before, but I had no idea that you can participate all day. I will definitely give this a go next week. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for sharing! I am new to Twitter and it is very good to know about all these chats! WOW!

    • globalbrunch Says: February 27, 2016 at 12:18 am

      Really glad you found the post helpful Natalia. I’m sure you’ll love taking part in twitter chats. It’s amazing how many like-minded and inspiring people you meet through the chats.

  8. This is awesome…and so helpful. We are looking to get more involved in Twitter chats and did not that there were these many out there. How exciting. Thanks so much for sharing this info. Perhaps we’ll meet on one of the chats soon 🙂

  9. Thanks so much Maria for including #TRLT in this list, it’s an honour. I believe that Twitter Chats are the best way to connect with people of similar interests on Twitter.

  10. #TTOT will always be my favourite. I really enjoy how many people participate, and it’s great to see some new faces each time!

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