In San Francisco you can find happiness and you can eat it too Food / Travel

I have just returned from my very first trip to the US. My journey started in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Out of all the places on my list to visit in California, I was probably looking forward to this one the most! I was picturing the city as a quirky place where culture meets delicious food from around the globe – and I can tell you that my expectations were more than exceeded!

After 11 hours on a plane and no sleep the first evening in San Francisco was not exactly adventurous. We were staying in a hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf, a famous tourist district right by the seafront. I heard so much about the amazing food that I couldn’t wait for my first meal in San Francisco! One fisherman’s restaurant after another greet you when you get to the seafront of this busy and buzzing area of town. We decided to go for Cioppinos, an Italian restaurant named after San Francisco’s signature dish, a fish stew which originated in the city and is still a crowd pleaser. The restaurant was established by an Italian fisherman four generations ago and to this day is popular with tourists and locals alike. They serve Italian seafood classics with prices for a main ranging from $10 – $20 for Pizza or Pasta dishes and $20 – $30 for a meat or fish dish. I ordered a delicious Chicken Farfalle ($17) accompanied by a glass of Sauvingon Blanc from Napa Valley – carby, delicious goodness!

The huge portion (by that point I hadn’t quite realised how enormous the portion sizes are in the US) and the wine defeated me and I was ready for bed!

The meal had already won me over, but when I spotted a group of roller-skaters swooshing past me backwards wearing bright colours, skates flashing in all colours of the rainbow, while holding a speaker that played 60s classics, I knew I was going to love San Francisco!

…to be continued!




  1. This sounds amazing Maria! I can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip 🙂 xxx

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