New Zealand: Found Myself at Sea Travel

When you’re backpacking on a small budget you have to choose wisely what you spend your money on. After days of slow travel and soaking in the natural beauty in New Zealand, I reached the stunning Abel Tasman, a National Park that combines lush forests, golden beaches and a beautifully carved coastline. This place was screaming adventure at me. So I dived right into my...

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The Travel Community on Twitter: The Best Travel Chats Travel

Global Brunch has only recently joined the huge community of travel blogs out there and while the blog might be what could be seen as a toddler among the more established travel blogs, Social Media certainly isn’t new to me. I have been tweeting about travel related subjects from my personal twitter account for quite some time now, but I wanted to give Global Brunch...

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1000 Ultimate Adventures Travel

I have been a huge Lonely Planet fan for years. In fact I probably own a LP guide for most places I have been to. So when I opened my belated birthday parcel from one of my best friends yesterday and found the 1000 Ultimate Adventures (Lonely Planet Travel Reference), I was super excited and couldn’t wait to start reading. After a first glimpse at...

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The Grand Canyon: An adventure of a lifetime USA

During my recent travels to California and Nevada, I was lucky enough to have the incredible opportunity to see the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. A few years ago I watched the film “Into the Wild” while I was backpacking through New Zealand and it has been not only one of my favourite film ever since, but an inspiration and motivation! If you haven’t seen...

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Top10 places to visit in San Francisco – Part Two USA

After I shared the first half of my Top10 places to visit in San Francisco with you yesterday, it is time to reveal the second half! Easter Monday was my last full day in the city and I had planned a cycling tour through the nearby Napa Valley! A few years ago when I was backpacking through New Zealand I worked on the vineyards in...

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Top10 places to visit in San Francisco USA

I have recently published a post about my arrival in San Francisco and since asked myself how to fit my amazing experience in the city in to one blog post! San Francisco has so much to offer: whether you want to spend hours in cool museums, stroll along the sandy beaches in the stunning bay area or try the delicious treats the city has to...

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